Mulligan Brothers

Mulligan Brothers
May 26 | 9:00PM - 10:30PM
FOX 33 Swamp Stage

For three weeks in September, The Mulligan Brothers parked their white bus in front of Ice Cream Studios in Portland, Oregon to record their new album Via Portland. Each day they walked down the stairs and through heavy swinging doors into the basement studio filled with guitars, drums, instrument cases, and Christmas lights. They took their places behind microphones in the boiler room, between soundproof black quilts, or in the corner of the control room beneath antelope and elk heads hanging on the walls to record their songs of murder, loyalty, heartbreak, and misplaced dreams.

Each session began with two hours of testing microphones, and tuning and changing instruments as producer Steve Berlin and engineer Jeff Saltzman prepared for every note. Berlin is the saxophone player for Los Lobos, but he has also been involved with Grammy-winning projects for Los Lobos, Buckwheat Zydeco, Ozomatli, John Lee Hooker and Los Super Seven.